Disable Metro in Windows 8

The Windows 8 launch is right around the corner. People that have purchased PCs recently will get incentives for upgrading to Windows 8 by either getting a license for a lower price or even a free upgrade. While the new Metro interface brings Windows to new tablet devices, its not the best interface for desktops or even laptop computers. The horizontal scrolling makes it tedious to use the Metro screen with many non-touch devices. Some users might want to use the good old Start menu in Windows 8 and disable the Metro screen completely. Windows does not have a setting for this but there are third party applications that let you do this.

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BoxCryptor brings encryption to the cloud

Cloud Storage services are on the rise. We have a plethora of cloud solutions like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box.net, SugarSync, ZumoDrive, SkyDrive and others. With everyone using multiple devices, from laptops and tablets to smartphones, using these services makes a lot of sense as they sync files across all devices. Storing your files in the cloud can raise a question about security. Are your files safe? Can anyone break in and access your files? Should you be storing important documents in such services? BoxCryptor addresses these questions with its cloud encryption solution.

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Google Drive gets out of the bag

There have been rumors about Google Drive – Google’s cloud storage service. Today, Google has finally unveiled Google Drive. It stores your files on the cloud and syncs them across all your devices. Windows, Mac and Android apps have been released and the iOS app is due in a few weeks. Google Drive offers 5GB of space for free and charges for additional storage. Google Docs have now been merged into the new Google Drive, so all your docs are in the Drive and the Google Docs editor has been embedded into the Drive web application.

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Turn your Dashboard into Launchpad

Apple announced Mac OS X 10.7 Lion a few months ago and said that it would be much more intuitive as features from iOS would be borrowed. There has been some debate on this topic, some say that navigation would be easier whereas others say that Apple is restricting OS X features by making it more like a mobile device. However, one of the great features on Lion is Launchpad, which lets you access your apps with the click of a button. If you are one of the people who are really waiting for this feature, hold your breadth no more. Junecloud has announced the Plus dashboard widget that lets you place shortcuts of your favorite apps on the Dashboard. Plus is a Free dashboard widget available from Junecloud, get it now to turn your Dashboard into Launchpad.

Plus from Junecloud

JoliCloud climbs to 1.0

While netbook was the ultimate gadget, a lot of Cloud based OSes were being developed and I had done a review of JoliCloud OS here. The OS has moved quiet ahead since the review and has now hit version 1.0. This version is stable, has build-in touch screen support and a whole new interface which is much more intuitive along with better performance and wider device support.

Some of the other features include use of HTML 5 for application launchers and a greater range of pre-installed applications with include Gmail and Skype. The App Directory is also expanded to over 700 applications.

When is it available? Right now! Just head to jolicloud.com and get the free OS!

Postbox Mail Client goes Express

Postbox was released last year as beta and had received great responses from users. It was the perfect E-mail client with all features you would ever need and an intuitive interface. However, when the product got out of beta, they set a price tag of $39.95 for the mail client.

Now the makers of Postbox have released Postbox Express. Yes, a free version of the Postbox mail client with stripped down features. But if you are just looking for a basic mail client with a great interface, then look no further. Postbox Express is here.

You can see a comparison of Postbox and Postbox express here.

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Ubuntu Light is another Netbook OS

Netbook had become the most popular computer of the age. It was a new era in Computing. All manufacturers had all kinds of netbooks, from Acer aspire one to Lenovo to Sony Vaio P. This boom gave a rise to tons of new Operating Systems that make the “net”book more net friendly. In other words, make it rely on the cloud. So we started getting “Cloud OSes”. There came Google Chrome OS which I reviewed here, then JoliCloud OS which I reviewed here and many different Linux distros.

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Chrome gets an Incredible start page

Google Chrome has been out for a long time with users switching to Chrome from all different browsers. The main feature lagging in Chrome that kept users to Firefox was Extensions. But since Google has finally added support for extensions in Chrome, there are tons of cool extensions pouring into the extensions gallery. Today I have a new extension that takes your Chrome browser to a higher level.

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Trillian comes to the Mac

Trillian is a popular multi-protocol IM client for not only Windows but even iPhone and Web now. With the new Trillian Astra which is the 4.0 version of Trillian, the IM client has drastically improved with the interface, usability and features. Its my preferred IM client for Windows. Finally after a long way of development and testing, Trillian is now available for the Mac! So you can have the seamless integration among all your IM services on your Mac.
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A review of JoliCloud – Another Cloud OS

So Google Chrome OS has been out for some time and there have been numerous builds by developers all around the world. Dell came up with a 8GB version of Chrome OS, a developer slimmed it to a 300MB version and now we have a new version by Hexxeh. Since Chrome OS is out of the box, JoliCloud unveiled the alpha version of their cloud-based OS. JoliCloud is a similar concept to Chrome OS, but expends its functionality. It has an Application Directory that allows users to install apps with one-click and keep them updated. It also runs Adobe AIR to allow users to enjoy applications that run on the AIR platform. So it is more useable than Chrome OS as it allows users to run native applications that work with Linux.

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