A Review of Chrome OS

So Google Chrome OS was unveiled yesterday and everyone was excited. Google released the source code of Chrome OS and the Developer build for preview. Many people read through the documentation and compiled the source to test Chrome OS. I thought to give Chrome OS a try and review it – the features, interface and speed. I tested the Developer build and made a small 4 minute video showing Chrome OS, right from booting to all menus. This will give you an idea of what Chrome OS is like and give you the feel of it, so you need not spend your time figuring out how to get Chrome OS running.

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FileShuttle lets you share files with a drag!

With more social networking and web communications, sharing files online is becoming a basic need, and not just file sharing, its sharing files with a click! There are great solutions out there like Dropbox, ZumoDrive and many others. However, today I came across an awesome Mac application that lets you share files with a drag! The unique feature about this app is that you have to use your own FTP server to upload and share files.

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Postbox out of beta, for $39.95

Postbox is a feature-rich version of Mozilla Thunderbird. I had done a complete review of features of Postbox previously here. Postbix has finally come out of beta after 16 beta releases and is stable now. However, Postbox 1.0 is not going to be a Freeware and comes for US$39.95 for a license. If you want to try before you buy, Postbox has a 30-day free trial available.

If your question is “Should I get Postbox?”, then read on… If you just need a basic POP3/IMAP mail client to send plain and HTML mails, then Thunderbird is just fine. But if you are a power-user and want the Advanced search, Tabs, Auto-complete, ToDo lists and the cool Add-ons, then you can consider getting a license.

Personally, I think the price is a bit more and something like $19.99 could have been more appropriate. For that price I would consider getting Postbix and moving from Apple Mail.

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Control your Mac with TweetMyMac

Twitter has brought several creative web apps right from statistical URL shortners to Image sharing and file sharing services to Voicemail over twitter. And now we have TweetMyMac. TweetMyMac is an application for your Mac that lets you tweet to your Mac and get tasks done like Taking screenshots and tweeting them to you, taking pictures from your iSight cam and tweeting them to you, or shutting down, rebooting and logging off your Mac using tweets. It can also check your Mac’s IP address, open/quit apps and start/stop torrents from downloading.

So in short, you can now control you Mac via tweets!

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VisualCron brings automation to Windows

Automation is one of the several features that makes a Mac special and more useful. However, I came across a software called VisualCron that gets automation to Windows. Not just basic task scheduling, but advanced automation like setting a list of tasks and mentioning the occurrence, exception and processes of the task. This can bu done just with a few clicks using the user-friendly ribbon UI of the application.

I gave VisualCron a try and was impressed. It allows you to do the most basic tasks like sending a mail or restarting your computer to advanced tasks like taking a backup of your blog using FTP and e-mailing you when its done. You can also set time intervals such as every month and add exceptions to adviod the task to occur at a particular time/month, etc.

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Stacks in Windows 7

Windows 7 has been there for quite some time now and due to the public betas and RCs, many have moved to Windows 7, even as their primary OS. With Windows 7 tweaks and customizations poping up everyday from Windows 7 users, I have come across Mac OS X’s Stacks implemented onto Windows 7. And with the new taskbar, the Stacks look even more appealing and useful. In this post, I will be covering 2 different Stack applications: StandaloneStack and 7stacks.

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FlexCal powers iCal with a hotkey

Are you an iCal user? If yes, this app will make you a power-user. FlexCal is a simple Preference Pane for Mac that allows you to set a hotkey for adding Events and Tasks to iCal. Just install the Preference Pane, select you Hotkey and you’re ready! When you press the hotkey, a small window will pop-up where you can enter details like name of Task/Event, Priority, Date/Duration, Alarm, etc. Just fill them in and hit the return key to return to your work.

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Chrome beta rolls out for Mac and Linux

Google Chrome is one of the most preferred browsers today. Thought it was launched accidentally while the build was pre-mature, Chrome has gained a significant amount of users and is also preferred over Firefox to some users.

Chrome has only been for Windows as of now and the Mac and Linux versions were under development. However, Google has just released a beta version (which is rather a Pre-beta) of Chrome for Mac and Linux. This build is not very stable yet and Google has warned “DON’T DOWNLOAD THEM!” in their blog post here. But if you are really enthusiastic and don’t mind the little bugs, you can give it a try.

Mac version
Linux (32 bit)
Linux (64 bit)

Espresso gets ready for a whirl

MacRabbit, the creators of award-winning CSSEdit have launched version 1.0 of Espresso. Espresso is a text editor with support for HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. More languages are supported via plug-ins. It also enables users to synchronize with FTP, SFTP or Amazon S3, as well as manually browse using the built-in FTP client.The Live Preview feature of CSSEdit is also supported.

Espresso helps you with Coding, Organizing, Previewing, Publishing and Updating your work. It has a really slick interface with great features like Code Sense, Code folding, Smart Snippets, etc. that makes coding easy and clean. Basically, Espresso is the app every developer wants.

Espresso is priced at a whooping 59.95€ (about $80 US). This is one reason that would make a developer think once again before buying. However, you can try before you buy. Espresso has a 15 day trial available. So it would be worth taking a look first.

Get all your TV shows on time with Ted

Need to stay updated with all your TV shows and don’t have the time to hunt for them ?  Here’s the simplest solution to staying updated with the latest episodes of all your favorite TV shows. Its Ted (Torrent Episode Downloader). Ted is a simple cross-platform application that allows you to select the TV shows you watch, it has a complete list with a search feature. After you set your list of shows, it will wait till the air date and then check for the episode on all torrent sites and download the torrent. You can also tell it to start the download automatically in your default BitTorrent client. That’s it! Once it is configured, it will take care of the rest. All you have to do is grab some snacks and watch your TV shows!

Ted is a freeware and is available for Download for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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