Customize your Windows 7 login background

Windows hacker Rafael Rivera has found that Windows 7 has additional login backgrounds. This is an additional customization feature to be added by Microsoft which would allow users to have custom login backgrounds. It would be nice for organizations to have their company logo on the login screen or just home users to have a better design on their login screen. However, this feature would only be enabled in the newer builds or the Release Candidate of Windows 7. But Rafeal has got a trick to let you change your login background in Windows 7 beta.

Windows 7 login background hack

Dual boot Windows 7 with current Windows

Most of the people were after Windows 7 all day, trying to grab the product keys…. Microsoft had really screwed up this time. Anyways, now the servers are free and it takes only a few seconds to get the key.

If you’re ready with your key and have downloaded Windows 7, here’s how to get it loaded onto your computer along with your current Windows.

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