Mac OS X Lion is out of its den

Apple just released Mac OS X Lion in the AppStore for $29.99. It comes with a bunch of new features like Mission Control (the new Expose), Launchpad (an application launcher) and updated Mail, Address Book and iCal apps. It also brings the iOS experience to the Mac with no more scrollbars and a new look-and-feel.

If your internet is too slow, you can take your mac to the Apple Store and download Lion there. If you need it on a USB drive, then you will be able to buy it in August for $69.99.

For server users, Lion Server is available as an application for OS X Lion from the Mac AppStore for $49.99 with a host of services like Address Book, iCal, Mail, Podcast, Time Machine, VPN and much more.

Turn your Dashboard into Launchpad

Apple announced Mac OS X 10.7 Lion a few months ago and said that it would be much more intuitive as features from iOS would be borrowed. There has been some debate on this topic, some say that navigation would be easier whereas others say that Apple is restricting OS X features by making it more like a mobile device. However, one of the great features on Lion is Launchpad, which lets you access your apps with the click of a button. If you are one of the people who are really waiting for this feature, hold your breadth no more. Junecloud has announced the Plus dashboard widget that lets you place shortcuts of your favorite apps on the Dashboard. Plus is a Free dashboard widget available from Junecloud, get it now to turn your Dashboard into Launchpad.

Plus from Junecloud

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Unveiled

So Apple had a “Back to the Mac” event with several announcements like a new MacBook Air with Instant On and flash storage, an update to its iLife suite, FaceTime for Macs, an AppStore for Macs and the successor of SnowLeopard. Apple has sold millions of iOS devices (iPhones, iPod touches and iPads) and due to exceptional sales, iOS has been actively under development. Each new version of iOS has impressive features, some better than the others. Apple claims that they have learnt a lot with iOS and wants to implement some of the features into Mac OS X. In a nutshell, AppStore is the sole reason behind sales of iOS devices and they want to make the Mac more like one of those devices with simplistic interface and an AppStore to get applications instantly in order to boost sales.

So how exactly is Lion more like iOS? Apple has integrated the home screen with Mac OS and named it Launchpad. The Launchpad will have all apps in it. And of course, folders just as on iOS devices by dragging icons on top of each other to put them in a folder. Besides the home screen and AppStore, they are also focusing on full-screen applications and iPhoto 11 uses an iPad app-like interface with full screen and Tab bar at the bottom. This was unveiled at the event, more features will be seen as the OS will be developed further.

Mac OS X 10.7 will debut in Summer 2011.

Screenshots after the break.

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A look at Apple’s Ping

So Apple launched a new Social Networking service along with a few new products last week. I signed up on Ping when it was announced, or when iTunes 10 went live and have been using it since a week. So whats Ping? Just your own profile with activity of accounts you follow. More like facebook status updates where you can write comments. Apple’s intention was to allow people to discover music by following people and encountering new music that they like. Another thing with Ping is that you can follow music artists and get updates from them directly. This is one of the popular features of Ping. However the down side is that only a handful of artists are on Ping and most of the artists are not registered. This is one of the things that breaks Ping’s usability. Another issue is finding people you know or adding friends. Initially Apple had Facebook Connect that allowed you to see your facebook friends who use Ping and add them. But due to some issues, Apple silently pulled that feature out of Ping. So what’s left? Well.. you can follow people who you know are on Ping and see what they like in iTunes Store or what they purchase from iTunes Store, if at all they use iTunes Store. In a nutshell, I think Ping is a failure as most people I asked about Ping said that its useless so they have turned it off. The only people using it right now are techies. They are just testing the new service out. Other than that, Apple, I think you should keep out of the social networking business…

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MacStories Apps Tree has a gift for you

Last Christmas, Mac Heist had the Mac Giving Tree with many apps that were given on Christmas Day. This year, MacStories has a huge Apps Tree with 450 Application licenses for Christmas. There are numerous Mac and iPhone applications like 1Password, MailPlane, CSSEdit, FontCase and ExpanDrive. To get your favorite application, just visit this page and follow the instructions…

MacStories will give the licenses on 22nd of December. So stay tuned…

Snow Leopard starts shipping!

Apple’s next generation OS finally starts shipping. Snow Leopard is available for $29 for Leopard users as an upgrade. The family-pack comes for $49 (5-user). If you are not a Leopard user or use an OS older than Leopard, then you have to get the Snow Leopard box set for $169. However, there was an article on Lifehacker blog about installing the $29 version on Tiger. Link is here. Snow Leopard only workes on Intel macs so Power PC users will have to upgrade their macs.

Amazon is giving Snow Leopard for $25 with Free Shipping. So, that’s the greatest deal on the internet. Buy Snow Leopard for $25 from AmazonBuy Snow Leopard Family Pack.   Get Box set.

[April Fools] MacBook Tablet released !

Rumors about the MacBook tablet had started originating quite a long time back. But the recent evidance of Apple’s order to a Chinese company for 10 inch touch panels made sense to the rumors. However, Apple has just released the MacBook tablet !  Its on the Apple Website. The MacBook Tablet is now Shipping and can be purchased via the Online store and will be coming to Apple Stores soon!

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Snow Leopard getting Location-aware

According to Apple Insider, the upcoming OS by Apple – Mac OS X Snow Leopard, will be location-aware just as the iPhone. It will use WiFi networks to triangulate the position of the user to allow geo-tagging and other location based services like updating the twitter location.

Apple Insider says:
People familiar with the latest pre-release distributions of the next-gen OS say the software now includes the CoreLocation framework previously available via the iPhone SDK, which will allow Mac applications to identify the current latitude and longitude of the Macs on which they’re running.
Since Macs don’t include GPS technology like the iPhone 3G, CoreLocation will utilize a Mac’s existing networking hardware to triangulate the system’s location in a manner similar to the way the original iPhone was able to use the technology to emulate a true global positioning signal.

More at Apple Insider