Chrome gets an Incredible start page

Google Chrome has been out for a long time with users switching to Chrome from all different browsers. The main feature lagging in Chrome that kept users to Firefox was Extensions. But since Google has finally added support for extensions in Chrome, there are tons of cool extensions pouring into the extensions gallery. Today I have a new extension that takes your Chrome browser to a higher level.

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A review of JoliCloud – Another Cloud OS

So Google Chrome OS has been out for some time and there have been numerous builds by developers all around the world. Dell came up with a 8GB version of Chrome OS, a developer slimmed it to a 300MB version and now we have a new version by Hexxeh. Since Chrome OS is out of the box, JoliCloud unveiled the alpha version of their cloud-based OS. JoliCloud is a similar concept to Chrome OS, but expends its functionality. It has an Application Directory that allows users to install apps with one-click and keep them updated. It also runs Adobe AIR to allow users to enjoy applications that run on the AIR platform. So it is more useable than Chrome OS as it allows users to run native applications that work with Linux.

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A Review of Chrome OS

So Google Chrome OS was unveiled yesterday and everyone was excited. Google released the source code of Chrome OS and the Developer build for preview. Many people read through the documentation and compiled the source to test Chrome OS. I thought to give Chrome OS a try and review it – the features, interface and speed. I tested the Developer build and made a small 4 minute video showing Chrome OS, right from booting to all menus. This will give you an idea of what Chrome OS is like and give you the feel of it, so you need not spend your time figuring out how to get Chrome OS running.

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Google Chrome OS coming in 2010

Google just announced about a new project they are working on. Its the Google Chrome OS. Google is amazed by the feedback of their web browser Google Chrome with over 30 million users. Now, Google thinks that the Operating Systems today are not Web-friendly or Web-optimized. So, Google is making an Operating System called Google Chrome OS which will be focused on Web users.

Google Chrome OS will be a light-weight and Open Source OS targeted for netbooks. The source code will be available in around the last quarter of 2009 where as the OS will be available to consumers in the end of 2010.

More on official Google Blog post.

Chrome beta rolls out for Mac and Linux

Google Chrome is one of the most preferred browsers today. Thought it was launched accidentally while the build was pre-mature, Chrome has gained a significant amount of users and is also preferred over Firefox to some users.

Chrome has only been for Windows as of now and the Mac and Linux versions were under development. However, Google has just released a beta version (which is rather a Pre-beta) of Chrome for Mac and Linux. This build is not very stable yet and Google has warned “DON’T DOWNLOAD THEM!” in their blog post here. But if you are really enthusiastic and don’t mind the little bugs, you can give it a try.

Mac version
Linux (32 bit)
Linux (64 bit)

A look at Chrome for Mac

So Google Chrome has been there for a while and captured many users, some even switched from Firefox to Chrome. Chrome has been remarkable where speed and performance is concerned, though there were issues with flash objects open simultaneously in multiple tabs. But, overall it has been doing great!

However, Google Chrome is available for Windows only and a Mac version is awaited. It is said to be released this fall. Mac users are waiting to get their hands on Chrome for Mac. Manu J, a developer has made a stripped-down, basic version of Chrome for Mac. The application does not offer all the features of Chrome, but it works, and it works fast like Chrome.

I downloaded it and tested it out for a while and was impressed, it is really fast and gives the Chrome feel on Mac. There are a few features missing, including Open in new tab, Flash support (YouTube), Deleting bookmarks, etc. but it should be good for some basic surfing and checking out Chrome on your Mac.

Anyways, I’ll get to the point now. Here’s how it looks (Click on the screenshot for a larger preview):

And here’s the link to the Download! – Download Now

Chrome extensions coming in May ?

Google Chrome is soon going to get extensions. It is obvious as it has got a large number of internet users in the short span of time and the only reason that keeps Firefox users from switching is Add-ons. And when Chrome supports extensions, it would be the perfect web browser.

Google’s I/O Developer conference in May will be having sessions on developing extensions for Chorme. Here’s the list of sessions: Google I/O sessions.

It would soon be time for developers to start developing great extensions for Chrome and would increase the browser competition greatly. Time to switch from Firefox?

Lunascape combines all browsers out there

Tired of having multiple browsers on your computer?  If you are a web programmer, you would need to test a web page on multiple browser platforms, or you might need a specific browser to access specific web apps or services due to incompability or restrictions. Well, here is the solution – Lunarscape. It handles all three of the rendering engines at once – IE (Trident), Firefox (Gecko) and Safari/Chrome (WebKit). When you open a new tab or click on a link in Lunascape, you can tell the browser which engine you want to use. You can also set up certain sites to open using a particular engine.

Developers claim the browser is faster than all others, thanks to its optimized implementation of Gecko. Besides supporting multiple engines, it is full-featured. It has native support for RSS feeds, Podcasts, Password Manager, Form filler, support for mouse gestures for navigation and tons of other tweaks. Lunascape supports its own plug-ins and themes, as well as the add-ons for Internet Explorer. However it does not support Firefox add-ons, which is its greatest weakness.

Lunascape is in all a great browser and everyone should defifitely try it out!

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