• rsm

    When I saw the vid for ZumoDrive, I thought what separated them from the rest was the streaming feature. So, the OS thinks that the files are actually there, but instead when you try to access them, Zumo streams them. That is a pretty big difference.

    Also, I didn’t see a way to follow comments. Perhaps you can consider adding that feature to the blog so that when people leave comments, they can be notified when a new comment is posted.

  • Functionality isn’t exactly identical… the main feature difference between the two seems to be that ZumoDrive keeps most files in the cloud and pulls them down on-demand (or if often accessed or if you manually flag to keep them local).

    Beyond that, ZumoDrive launched with an iPhone client, which is an amazing addition to the service. However, since – between the two – only Dropbox has a Linux client, I’m stuck in the middle trying to access my files on all platforms. My solution was to use both services, but have both Dropbox and ZumoDrive sync from the same folder in Windows. It works pretty well as long as you use a Windows or Mac computer often enough (i.e. at work).

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